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A simple expression of love, joy, happiness, appreciation, hope, kindness, inspiration and all those feelings we're lucky enough to feel:

Gifted by those we never want to forget.

Heart Pin
Memorial Charm Bracelet


When one door is closed, another door opens. A time to welcome new experiences.  Missing U keeps your memories close to your heart. They are a part of who you are and who you become…because the heart never forgets.

In memory of

Losing a loved one is never easy . The precious time you shared with them is irreplaceable. Although we cannot see them, those moments and memories are etched into our souls forever.... because the heart never forgets.

Just because

They say that “life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”. Too often we let moments pass us by and take for granted some of the little things that enrich our daily lives. We are so busy with life we forget to live. Missing U lets them know they matter more than the dishes… because the heart never forgets.


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